Brian Torchin; Health Care Staffing and the ‘Human Element’

With an interest in not just medicine, but in the physiology of the human body as well as taking into account the mental and emotional factors that can affect a persons health;

Brian Torchin, with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and later continued education to obtain his chiropractic degree, was inspired to address both side of the health care issue working to understand the individual experience of both the patient and the health care professional.

Maintaining a positive mindset even with the incredible political battles of over health care and fluctuations in the economy, he began to work as a recruiter with a focus on understanding the individuals he recruits and the staff of the hospitals and private practices he is recruiting for are all human beings.

According to Lulu, understanding the importance of the ‘Human Element.’ allows Brian Torchin to understand the overall needs of a particular professional regarding a specific job opportunity and the attitude and atmosphere of a particular hospital or private practice to create a match that is a ‘Good Fit’ for both. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

His attitude with respect to his clients is one of ‘I am working with them; we are partners and I want to help them as much as possible.’

While Brian Torchin is the founder and current president of HCRC Staffing, he still has private patients so that he doesn’t become too distant from what the experience is for both the health care professional and the patient they are working with.

Jason Hope Is A Technological MasterMind

As technology continues to grow, many companies are coming up with creative ways to top the market. One new technological technique that will take the world by storm is The Internet of Things. The campaign, spearheaded by Jason Hope is a technique that will allow numerous devices to sync together on a connected network. Jason Hope believed that The Internet of Things has the ability to change the world in a positive way.

Arizona native Jason Hope has always had an eye for business. With degrees in business and finance, the Arizona State University graduate, set forth on a bath that would lead him to success. As an entrepreneur and futurist, Jason Hope has a keen sense on the technological advances that shape the world. He invested in numerous projects that will sweep the technology and business industries.

Aside from his business and technological interests, Jason Hope is known to be a worldwide philanthropist. Hope has donated his time and money to many causes over the years including: education, health, and scientific research. One of Jason Hope’s important causes is the SENS Foundation, a research program designed to find cures to stop Alzheimer’s and other diseases before they start spreading.

Learn more about Jason Hope: